Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013...

I just love beginnings. I hate change, but love a fresh start. 
It doesn't make sense, but here we are...
I have always loved starting new things, coming up with ideas and planning a new plan.

Finishing something. Now that was always a chore. Almost painful and never with the zeal that I started with.

One of the joys and pleasures of the end of a year is that it happens whether I try or not. I'd rather have done good than bad. But each year happens regardless of me.

 I love that.

And I love the new start. I have lofty goals and I am not afraid of resolutions. I only make them if they mean something to me. A

nd also if I start them and don't finish, I'll still be better off for trying. 

Try something this year. Start something new or start living in a way that you've always dreamed. Starting and failing is better then never trying at all.... All the good books say so ;) 

And please, 
Have a Happy New Year!!!!

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