Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!

As you know already, I love saying goodbye to an old year and hello to a new one. For me it's like a light shining on the future and an opportunity to try again.

I am not a naturally optimistic person or exuberant at all actually. Living with Fibromyalgia and 3 kids... I feel proud when I don't spend half the day on the sofa or if I don't take a nap. But something about recharging for a fresh start, at the very least it gives me a chance to think I can, or could, improve.

Also, living in this seasonal state, we all wait for the warmer days and spring to erupt. Its just spectacular here at the coast in a tourist town where March 1st it actually feels like the whole town comes out of hibernation. I love looking forward to the spring here, even now, in the middle of our mild winters.

I am grateful. For each new year, each new day! I hope you have a happy, happy New Year! 

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