Saturday, April 28, 2012

10 weird things about me

1. I cry, but not always at the right time.

2. I have anxiety about coupons and box tops.

3. I hate seeing dirty dishes, but hate touching them more.

4. I hide from social events so that I don't have to worry about how     I will act or what I will say and then regret.

5. I hate the phone.

6. I have vivid dreams all the time, If I wake up in one, I will remember it forever.

7. I have lots of odd memories, like sitcom episodes I didn't get to see the end of. There is an episode of silver spoons that pops into mind regularly.

8. However, I have terrible short term memory. I can't recall a phone number to save my life.

9. I like orange juice but not eating oranges, I like eating apples but     not drinking apple juice.

10. I love my kids completely, but they are difficult for me to be around all day. I think they need breaks from me as well.

Everyone is unique, Right? What do you do that you think is "weird"? Perhaps we should celebrate our "weirdness"  :)

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