Sunday, September 8, 2013

a hundred drafts.. half done

Yes, I have started soooo oooo many posts, it's not even funny. Mostly spurred by the thoughts in my brain that bounce around like I've got nothing else to do but pay attention to them. They have to fall out somewhere, or even better, be resolved, so that I can move on to the next one... (yay.)

So, I am freaking out about this issue or that and start a witty titled post and vent for 5 minutes and then have to mediate a kid crisis.. then get distracted by laundry, dishes and dinner... all left half done too.

I have gotten so used to not finishing things that I actually now assess how likely I am to finish and then decide.... screw it.

I call it being "efficient".


I think what I am getting at is that I have a BUNCH of half written posts and I am tired of these thoughts/ frustrations/ questions bouncing around in my head. I am going to spill them here or resolve them somehow. I am in that place. That place in motherhood where I am tired and can't play nice with others. I need to shed the shit so that I can have some peace in the sunshine. Right.?!

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