Sunday, January 1, 2012

All My Children

People like to rolls their eyes at me when I tell them I have a lot of children. "How many?" they ask. "Just three" I say "but it feels like a lot!".  The fact is that for me, it is a lot! I am not super mom, or even super anything really.  But I am neurotic enough to wish I were...

Sometimes my neurosis leads me to discoveries and I like to share. I like getting tips. Pinterest is killing me. But I want to share too and also vent. I like feedback, so a private journal is a bit anti climactic.

So here is what I am about in no particular order, 

1) My family is my life. All of them (just the three kids, and hubs) have their unique issues and amazing qualities. Things get complicated. It's overwhelming most days. You can see the "About Me" page for their bios :)

2) I am crazy passionate about trying to be healthy with food. That goes for my kids and whole family. I am not 100% organic and compostable or anything, but I have high expectations regarding food and I am easily perturbed by junk food. Particularly when my kids are subjected to it. This probably stems from my being an ex-deadhead-tree hugging-hippie. Who knows. 

3) I am a photo-aholic. I am addicted to my camera and obsessed with shooting my kids. I have a habit of taking my modest, little, entry level DSLR everywhere I go. My husband thinks I am nuts. I post copious amounts of pictures on facebook. My husband gave me Photoshop Elements for christmas, which has only fed my addiction.

4) I have Fibromyalgia. It affects everything in my life. I can't go a day without some amount of pain and/or fatigue. I was officially diagnosed in 2009 a few months before I found out I was preggers with number 3. It would be impossible to separate this from my experience as a mom. I know we all have challenges in life, this just happens to be one of mine

5) We are beach people, full time. We moved to the beach amidst of our unplanned pregnancy meltdown (see Sweetie Pie). We found peace here.

This is about all that. Thanks for listening ;-)

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